Dave Warren Collaboration

Dave Warren Collaboration

We are very pleased with a new collaboration between classic car and vw photographer Dave Warren, a self trained photographer featuring in over 6 magazine publications and our own designer Adam Allen.

Dave Warren is firstly a classic car photographer and regularly appear in several high street magazines. Dave works with six publishing companies and holds press status at various race tracks in both the UK and across Europe. He has had 12 front covers, 6 centre spreads and 28 features printed in 2014 and has had many more photographs published since then. Dave Warren is the official photographer at many classic car events throughout the year but VWs are his passion and where most off his work lies this keeps him very busy.

Dave enjoys shoots with models/pin-ups as it makes things more interesting and is always on the look out for new vehicles to shoot and new models to get published.

Please go and check out he's work, you will not be disappointed:
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/dwarrenimages/ 
Instagram: davewarrenimages
Twitter: https://twitter.com/davewarrenimage

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